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a small retreat June 27, 2007

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After becoming a demo 2 years ago, this craft area was created.  At the time, it was perfect — right off my kitchen so I could have my stuff handy and still be near the area where the family lingers constantly.    We transformed our butler’s pantry to a small retreat.

 craft storage area                              

I now consider it the storage area for all my goods.  I migrate away from this area to my kitchen to create.  So, with my projects always placed around the kitchen (and many warnings to my kids NOT TO TOUCH ANYTHING), I am happy to say that I have a bigger & better craft area under construction. 

craft storage area 2

I will be upset to be moving from a central location in my home, but I soooo need much more room.  I had to prove to my husband that this was more than a hobby.  It is a love of mine!   Enjoy the pics.


2 Responses to “a small retreat”

  1. Melissa Says:

    Excellent space! I like how you thought outside the box and used what you had!

  2. Mel Says:

    Wow! I love your Stampin’ corner, it really is very pretty and very organized. I have a big stampin’ space upstairs. I rarely use it and it’s always messy. Wish I had a little someplace downstairs closer to where my kiddos normally hang out, I envy you. TFS!!!!

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