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been so distant August 27, 2007

Hello all!

I haven’t been blogging much lately, but am happy to say that school is back in session as of today and I received a shipment from SU! on Friday (timed that just right). 

I am now focusing on some contest categories in the latest Stampin’ Success…since I haven’t submitted since my Artisan Entries.  Wish I could show you my work in progress, but you know how those rules go!!!  Oh the possibilities with all my new stuff. 

Have a great day!  Off to create:)


4 Responses to “been so distant”

  1. Michelle D. Says:

    And you have certainly been missed ~ although definitely worth waiting for as your creations are so amazing. I’m looking forward to eventually seeing what you’ve been stamping Ü.

    Have a great week!

  2. stacilynch Says:

    Well, I have checked daily and wondered what you were up to and I was hoping it wasn’t the contests. LOL! (Only because I am entering them and I know your stuff is beyond amazing so there goes all chanses..) I can’t wait to see your new stuff when you get a minute to create something for your blog but like the previous comment, it is worth the wait!


  3. Looking forward to your newest collection! Deb

  4. Hey Mary Jo! I got your wonderful card in the mail and posted it on my blog. I tried to put a copyright under the pic but Im still trying to figure out this blog thing! Sorry!

    Thanks so much!

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