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Blog candy for 45,000 hits November 15, 2007

Wow!  Almost there.  I know!  I know! — But the number is slowly climbing and I have to give a BIG THANKS to all who check out my site and give me your feedback.  I was one to never share my work.  I always just created for SU! monthly contests and kept everything top secret.  Well, since blogging entered my life, I seem to just post here and enter less contests.  Although, keep your eyes open for the next Onstage issue that will be mailed out on Dec. 5th (a little late for my winning entry — thanksgiving themed), but I’m so proud of it.  

So, here’s the blog candy I’m offering: 

  • Heidi Swapp 4 pieces Clocks — XL Ghost shapes
  • Heidi Swapp 4 pieces Flowers — XL Ghost Shapes
  • Stampin’ Up! 5/8″ Old Olive Grosgrain Ribbon — 2 yards
  • Papertrey White Cardstock — 10 Sheets

blog candy 45,000 hits

All you have to do is leave me a comment with an entry number.  One entry per person.  I will leave this open until the day before Thanksgiving and post the winner that evening using 

Sorry for the lack of posting.  Busy as usual.  The holidays are approaching, deadlines to meet, kids running around with runny noses, our big beast of a dog  (drooly old saint bernard) celebrates his 5th birthday today and for some reason the kids feel the need to have a party??, and **toot-toot** leaving for the Bahamas (Atlantis) on Thanksgiving morning.  I NEED HELP:)  


125 Responses to “Blog candy for 45,000 hits”

  1. Mary Duffek Says:

    #1 Congrats on your number of hits! Your blog is very cool! Have a great day….

  2. stacilynch Says:

    #2-Congrats!! I guess if you are not entering as many contests that just means the rest of us might have a shot! LOL! Thanks for all of the inspiration and hard work!


  3. Suzanne Says:

    #3 – Congratulations on 45K hits Mary Jo. I miss your posts, but completely understand being busy! I keep checking back just in case there is something new. Have a great time in the Bahamas!

  4. Shelby Says:

    #4 Thanks for the chance to win! I for one am VERY GLAD you decided to start sharing!!

  5. Melinda Says:

    #4 – Congratulations on such a beautiful blog. I just happened upon it today from your link to Taylor’s swap. Your work is amazing. Your link is going straight to my Google Reader! 🙂

  6. Nancy Riley Says:

    #6 …. Mary Jo, congrats on your milestone hits! Your artwork is over-the-top incredible, and can’t wait to see your SU winning piece! Awesome blog candy!!!!

  7. NancyS (momsnack) Says:

    #7 – Congrats on the hits – I’ve been reading your blog now for several months and think your work is great!
    NancyS (momsnack)

  8. Kerry J. Says:

    Congrats on the hits! I love your blog and all your inspiration! Have fun at Atlantis!

  9. Kerry J. Says:

    Congrats on all the hits! Thanks for all your inspiration – love your blog! Have fun at Atlantis!

  10. Jennifer Scull Says:

    #10 yours is one of my ‘must hit’ blogs! congrats on the onstage showing!! and of course the postings, too! 🙂

    but most of all thanks for the inspiration!

  11. cathy Says:

    Congrats on 45,000 hits and being in the onstage! How exciting! Sweet candy you are celebrating with. One stamper is going to be very happy when this shows up in their mail…..and I hope it’s ME!
    Thanks for a chance.

  12. Kris Says:

    Congrats on being famous!:) I cant wait to see your entry! You are so talented.

  13. Janet Says:

    #11…What???? The Bahamas???? Drooling here! I’m glad you show your work…I love seeing your stuff.

  14. 14. Wow! Congrats on your hits AND your SU success!!! I browse your blog daily and love all of the inspiration!

  15. Cam Says:

    Thanks for sharing and a chance to receive a prize. Congrats on your hits!!!

  16. 15) Wow That’s a lot of hits Congratulations.

    Vivian Swain

  17. christina Says:

    #15 – congratulations on all your hits! thanks for all the inspiration 🙂

  18. Pegg Says:

    #18 — Thanks for sharing all of your beautiful work!! I appreciate you taking the time!!

  19. Melissa Says:

    #19 – We are so glad you decided to share!!

    Many Blessings,

  20. Misti Says:

    #20 Congrats on the hits! You’ve just reminded me that I need to have a giveaway as well! I keep forgetting! Have a wonderful trip!

  21. Judy Says:

    Lucky 21 lol…
    Hey Congrats with the hits!!! Love your cards they are beautiful!!!

  22. dawn k Says:

    love your blog. the MFT cards are beautiful.

  23. Marcie S. Says:

    Your cards are just fabulous! Congrats on 45,000 hits, and here’s to another 45,000! 🙂

  24. Rachel H. Says:

    #24! Sounds lucky to me. Thanks for sharing your ideas and inspiring others. 🙂

    -Rachel H.

  25. Jill Kirk Says:

    I hope no one else is posting at the same time. I should be #25. Holy cow. That is soooo many hits! You are fabulous though, the world wants to see your work. I have missed not seeing your posts lately but totally understand that life gets in the way!! Thanks for the chance to win blog candy. You are awesome!! Have fun in the Bahamas. That is my most favorite place on earth 🙂

  26. Selina W. Says:

    #26 – Congrats on your hits! Thanks for the all the inspiration you give and the chance to win some awesome goodies.

  27. Kate Says:

    That is too cool. Congrats on the big numbers.

  28. Rosella Says:

    #28 – CONGRATULATIONS!! So glad you decided to share your art with us. You are a super talented stamper!

  29. craftylin Says:

    45000—holy cow, that is a lot of hits.
    Linda Peterson

  30. #30. I LOVE these goodies you are offering!!! Heidi Swapp products are the best!

  31. MelissaS Says:


    Great candy from a great blog. What more is there to ask for? Thanks for the chance…

  32. Estivalia Says:

    #31 congratulations on the mark! your artwork is amazing 🙂

  33. Sophia Says:

    #33 Congrats on 45K hits!!!

  34. moralia Says:

    #33! 🙂 Congrats on the hits!

  35. Lynn Brown Says:

    #35 Congrats on all the hits! Love your blog!

  36. Kim G. Says:

    #36 Have just recently found your blog and love the gift holder card using the cutie pie paper and MFT stamp set. Great idea for birthday’s!!

  37. Karen O Says:

    I’ve been enjoying your blog 🙂

  38. Joey Thomas Says:

    Your blog is quite a joy to see. Thank you for posting your creations!

    Happy Thanksgiving!

  39. Ghazal Says:

    Congrats on 45K hits. You have a lovely blog, I really enjoy checking every post.

  40. Cindy J. Says:

    Your blog is awesome. I really enjoy seeing what’s new on it!

  41. Kathy T Says:

    Congratulations on 45K hits! Love your stuff – gives me inspriration.

  42. Linda SS Says:

    #42 – The Bahamas! Lucky you:) Congrats on all of those well deserved hits and give that big dog a birthday hug from me.

  43. #43 Thank you for the opportunity to win! I love your blog!

  44. Britiney Says:

    Oooooooh, PICK ME!! I never win anything. Really.

  45. #46

    Happy Birthday Beastie Dog!!! My grandpuppy will be 3 on Dec 3…hmmmmm, maybe we should have a party for him. Who would we invite? Jack the long haired daschund, Charlie the Westie, Jax the Lhasa Apso (maybe, he gets kinda’ aypp, know what I mean?) – and the guest of honor is Harley the Rat Terrier!

    Have fun in the Bamas Baby!!

  46. Jana Says:

    47. Congrats! Your blog is one of my favorites.

  47. Jessica Says:

    Congratulations! Parties for animals are the best! 🙂 Thanks for the chance to win some great blog candy!

  48. Abi Says:

    #49. Your blog is great so congrats on the number of hits – it is well deserved. Thanks for the chance to enter this blog candy giveaway. Thank heavans you didn’t keep all your inspiration to yourself – you are so talented! Thanks again

  49. #50 Wow your blog is such an inspiration, it’s no wonder you have a gazzilion and 1 hits. Your work totally gets my mojo back on track when I feel lost. Thanks for always sharing.

  50. Mercy Says:

    #51….congrats on the hits, mj! you deserve it! I’m visiting your site every other day, and enjoy everything i see. thanks for offering some awesome candy!

  51. Angel Says:

    #52 Congrats on your hits!!!

  52. Donna Baker Says:

    I’m SO glad I found your blog last month! Your creations are out of this world bang-up awesome! Congrats on the hits and thanks for all the inspiration.

  53. Denise Says:

    #54 You got a lot of fans. Thanks for sharing.

  54. Debbie Yates Says:

    Your blog is amazing – congratulations on the hits – that is such a blessing – Happy Friday – God bless-

  55. tanja fussell Says:

    Hi I’m number 56! You SHOULD be proud! You are talented. Thanks for sharing with us. Congrats on the hits@!!!!

  56. I am number 57. I recently found your blog, and I love it! 🙂

  57. Suzanne Says:

    Congrats on 45K! That’s a GREAT milestone! Your cards are very nice 🙂 I’m glad you decided to share with us!

  58. Kristine Says:

    #59 Congrats on all the hits. I love your blog!

  59. Lena Says:

    #60 >> Congratulations on all of your hits. You make such beautiful cards — a true inspiration!

  60. Melissa Says:

    Congrats! I just found your blog about two weeks ago and just love it.

  61. Pat Says:

    #62 Congrats on your stamping success and thanks for sharing all your wonderful ideas!


  62. Alison Says:

    #63 Congrats on all your hits. I’m a fan of your blog and your work!

  63. Michelle Deits Says:

    #62 Mary Jo, your creations are SO awesome, with so many beautiful details on each and every one, so thank YOU for sharing them with all of us and continuing to inspire us all! Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

  64. Jen Says:

    You put such much artistic creativity into your work! Last’s week WSC for Beate was utterly AMAZING! Your second card today (with SU stamps) is inspiring!

  65. Jen Says:

    oops! I’m #63

  66. Lorie Ames Says:

    Love your blog and what great candy! Thanks for offering! According to the comment counter I should be #67. :o)

  67. Kathleenh Says:

    Mary Jo, I’m so glad you decided to share your work with us on your blog. I visit everyday. Congrats on 45,000 hits!


  68. charity c Says:

    #69 thanks for a chance to win the candy! it’s awesome!!!
    congrats on the hits and the wonderful blog!

  69. DeniseLynn Says:

    Lucky #70! Congrats on all the hits. I’ve only recently discoverd your blog and am so enjoying taking a peek whenever I can to get some inspiration. Thanks for sharing all you do!

  70. Cindy Vernon Says:

    #71 I love the Bahamas, I went there on my Honeymoon. I’m sure it will be a blast!

  71. Char in So Cal Says:

    Looks like I am number 72!! Sure hope it is THE lucky number cause I adore Heide Swapp Ghost Shapes!!

    Congratulations on 45K hits and thanks for sharing your FAB blog with us!!

    Have a GREAT time in the Bahamas!

    Rubber Hugs,

    Char in So Cal

  72. jen ofiana Says:

    #73 Wow, your hits are amazing! In such a short time! It’s because your so inspiring! Thanks for sharing what you do!

  73. broni Says:

    Congrats on 45,000 hits! Keep the great posts coming!

  74. Anne Marie Says:

    Congrats on the hits. I am hoping 75 is the lucky number. Thanks for sharing!

  75. Lucky Number 75!! At least I am hoping! Congrats on your number of hits…I always love stopping by to see what you have created. So inspiring!

    Andrea Vernagus (craftyengineering)

  76. Debby Says:

    And I am lucky number 77 according to the numbers along the side.
    Thanks for the chance to win and for getting in the SU magazine. How cool!

  77. Mary Says:


    Congratulations! You do AMAZING work! Thanks for the inspiration!

  78. mbrein23 Says:

    I’m #78!! Thanks for all your great ideas and lovely site! I’m glad you decided to share with the world … you are very talented! -Melinda

  79. Jayne Says:

    #80 I really enjoy reading your blog. Thanks for sharing.

  80. Sandy Heringer Says:


    I enjoy reading your blog and looking at your amazing cards!

    Thanks for the chance to win.


  81. Denise Says:

    #82 I think. Awesome candy. Great blog…keep up the great work!

  82. Tamara Says:

    thanks for all the ideas and inspiration. Congrats on the hits milestone!

    Tamara 🙂


  83. young c. Says:

    This is a great collection of blog candy! I’ve been meaning to try the ghost pieces in a card! Hope I get picked! =)

  84. Megan Olsen Says:

    #85 Wahoo on 45K hits! I love reading your blog every day. 🙂

  85. Enjoy the Bahamas! Your trip should be nice (warm) and relaxing! Congrats on the hits, your blog is awesome!

  86. Regina Davis Says:

    Congrats on all those hits! Just keep your mind focused on the Bahamas and you’ll be there in no time.

  87. Amy Says:

    #88. Congrats on the hits! I hope there are fewer runny noses to stress over in the Bahamas 🙂

  88. Brenda H. Says:

    Congrats on all the hits…you go girl!! Thanks for sharing…and for this chance to win sweet candy! Enjoy the Bahamas…& don’t forget to tell us all about it!!
    ~Brenda H.

  89. Barb Eyring Says:

    Mary Jo – Thank you for sharing your “secrets”. Your creativity is fabulous. Always enjoy looking. Congrats on 45,000!!!
    Barb Eyring

  90. Kim Howard Says:

    #91 Congrats on 45K hits, that is amazing!!! I love your blog and checking out your work.

    Kim Howard

  91. Jana Emmert Says:

    Congratulations! Thanks for posting samples using SU!

  92. Caren Says:

    #93 I just found your blog and am very happy I did. You are an inspiration. Beautiful work. No wonder you are getting alot of hits. Congrats! Have fun in the Bahamas! 🙂

  93. Dorothy Says:

    I love your site and all your wonderful ideas. They certainly inspure me! I’m glad you started blogging!

  94. mnhyrkas at Cococat's Cardmaking Says:

    #95- thanks for sharing your work with us! I enjoy coming to visit each time you post.

  95. Elaine Says:

    #96 – MJ, can’t wait to see what you’ve created! Thanks for the sharing also!!

  96. Laura Says:

    #97 I’m so glad you started this blog, ever since Convention I have been “stalking” it! Thanks a bunch!

  97. Great site, WONDERFUL creations you always have to share! You’re in my reader and I stop by frequently. Thanks for all you share & congrats on the hits!

  98. Rachel V Says:

    Congrats! Love your creations. It looks like I’m #99.

  99. Penny Says:

    Congrats on the number of hits! I look forward to that day when I hit that many. Thanks for a chance of your wonderful blog candy. I’m #100!

  100. Connie Says:

    Congrats on your 45,000 hits! And congrats on winning the SU contest! One day I’ll get consistent about sending in my entries! lol!

    Thanks for offering the Blog Candy!

  101. shelly Says:

    Congrats on your hits! Maybe I should enter a contest and just see…since you may not be my competition! 🙂
    Have a great vacation…be Thankful you’re getting one!
    I’m #102!

  102. Cecilia Says:

    Wow that is very awesome! As a webmaster I know just how rough it is to keep your numbers up there. Your hits are evry indicitive of your hard work!

  103. Susan Sucher Says:

    Congrats on 45,000 hits. I really enjoy your blog.


  104. Cheryl K Says:

    #105 Congrats on the hits!

  105. Marcia Says:

    Wow congratulations!! keep the hits coming in!

  106. Beth M Says:

    #107 Congrats on your blog! I love it! Your creations are always so fun and detailed. Thanks for sharing.

  107. I like your ldea of putting twill behind the large eyelets; that large hole bothered me too. Isn’t Issac a cutie? Congrats on your 45,000 milestone. WOW!!
    Happy Turkey Day!
    Diane M.

  108. Tina Says:

    #109- Congrats on all the hits; you have a great site with wonderful inspiring work!


  109. Melissa Caufield Says:

    I love your fun and funky projects, but am drawn to your elegant and beautiful artwork as well. Thanks for sharing what you love to do! Congrats on 45,000!!!

  110. #111. Wow! Hopefully one day my blog will have that many hits! I’m adding you to my blogroll if that is okay.

  111. Carolyn King Says:

    #112….Congrats on MFT girl! So glad to be working with you!!!
    I am adding you to my blogroll too!!!

    Carolyn (Cammie-SCS)

  112. Lisa Says:

    #113 LOVE YOUR BLOG!!! Thanks for everything you share!

  113. lilian Says:

    #114. i love visiting your blog daily. thank you for sharing your creativity with us!! and thanks for the chance to win. 🙂

  114. Jackie Says:

    115 I love your blog and congrats on the hits! Love your site! Jackie W.

  115. Dee (okieDee) Says:

    116..Have fun in the Bahama’s…hope you get to see Regis & Kelly’s show..also..a big congrats on your big hits..hope you reach the 50,000! Love your blog. Hugs, Dee

  116. Cat Says:

    117 – I just LOVE your MFT card posted today (11/21). The detail on the water is too cute! TFS.

    And, WOW on 50K hits! Very cool – and sweet of you to offer candy 🙂

  117. Maryann Says:

    Love your blog. Thanks for the chance to see your

  118. Peggy S. Says:

    118. You are SO LUCKY to be going to Atlantis – it is so beautiful there! Love it! Soak up some sun for us folks living in the dreaded snowbelt! We’re gonna have some snow tomorrow! Thanks for sharing your creativity w/us in blogland! I would love to win this great blog candy!

  119. Emm Says:

    Congratulations! I always love your work!

  120. broni Says:

    Oh my! Looks like I’m number 121.

  121. amanda Says:

    Have a great time on the beach! Sounds GREAT! Thanks for sharing your talent with us.

  122. amanda Says:

    Have a great time on the beach! Sounds GREAT! Thanks for sharing your talent with us.

  123. Michelle Adams Says:

    Thanks so much for the chance to win such a great prize! Thanks also for all of the great ideas & examples on your blog! 😉
    Michelle Adams

  124. mjalbright Says:

    This drawing is closed after post #125 (my posting).
    Thanks to all who participated and left such nice comments.

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