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wanna be my valentine giveaway December 29, 2007

Here is a cute hot chocolate treat box just perfect for my friends out there in blog-land & to get you motivated for Valentine’s Day:

              like you a latte gift       like you a latte gift upclose

All you have to do is write a comment about a cute (clean) Valentine’s Day story.

My story is just this (and I wanted to write about it so I remember it forever).

Last year, on Valentine’s Day, we had a really bad ice storm here in Pennsylvania with interstates & stores closed for days.  I planned ahead to make a really special dinner for my husband John.  I bought all the necessary things for a romantic dinner in our dining room which included all things necessary to create a restaurant-like environment.  I even made up a menu.  Why you ask?  Well, with kids, I didn’t want to go out anywhere and I wanted them involved in our romantic dinner (and actually we were all stuck in the house).  The kids ran the “restaurant” and were hostesses, waiters, chefs, etc.  It was so much fun and they had a blast.  I had the food cooked and everything from salads, bread, and entrees were properly in line for them.  We did some trial runs before John got home.   I was kinda upset when I didn’t get anything in return from my husband (is that selfish??)  But I kept saying in my mind, “how could he….all I do…blah…blah…blah”.

Well, due to the ice storm, my present was postponed.  A few days later, the doorbell rang.  I could see through our door that there were 5 very old men in tuxedos holding roses.  I scratched my head and chuckled thinking they had the wrong house or something.  I opened the door and they informed me that they were a singing quartet and my husband wanted them to come sing to me but they couldn’t arrive on V-day.  They started singing, harmonica and all.  I couldn’t stop laughing….all 5 of them had to be over 80 years old.  I just couldn’t get “romance” out of these men singing love songs to me.  And, I was holding my Ethan in my arms and he was covering up his ears with his hands. 

I so love the things my husband does for me.  Now, when I look back on the singing, I truly can say he comes up with the most awesome things to surprise me and I appreciate him:)

Now write a little comment about some funny Valentine’s stories, and I will select 9 winners to receive these hot chocolate holders when I arrive at 70,000 hits (yep, also have the other blog candy giveaway running at the same time):

                                      like you a latte gift giveaways

STAMP SETS USED:  MFT Hearts Galore & Icing On The Cake stamp sets.

CARDSTOCK USED:  Papertrey White; SU! Chocolate Chip & Purely Pomegranate CS; K&Company Smitten Treat Boxes.

INKS USED:  Versafine black ink; SU! Chocolate Chip, Purely Pomegranate, Regal Rose, Pretty in Pink, Going Gray, and Basic Gray inks; uni-ball Signo White gel pen; Pretty in Pink Stampin’ Write Marker.

ACCESSORIES USED:  Crystal Effects; Stampin’ Sponges; Purely Pomegranate & Chocolate Chip Satin Ribbon; Spritzer Tool; Pink Self-Adhesive Rhinestones from KAISERscrapbook; Swiss Miss Hot Chocolate pack.


53 Responses to “wanna be my valentine giveaway”

  1. Sandy Knecht Says:

    I’m a first time visitor to your site. I love your packaging and your cards. Your story was the best! There is no way I could top a story like that. I have no story that is exciting to tell that I can remember at the moment, I seem to be having a lot of those “I can’t remember” moments. So I just wanted to comment on your gifts and your stories and how neat it is that you do all you can for the needy. That we do a lot in our area with the Women’s Crisis center and food shelters. Have a Happy New Year!

  2. gr8fulstamper Says:

    A few years ago I sent in a story to Women’s Day magazine about my husband and he was chosen to be one of the top 10 Most Romantic Men that they featured in the Valentine issue. Not really a funny story, but a cool one just the same.

  3. Denise Says:

    Cute, cute, cute! Love the colors! I can’t think of a funny Valentine story…I try to put something “lovey” in my hubby’s lunch box.

  4. Deidre Mooney Says:

    well I don’t know if it is a story or not…but a few years ago I got up very early on Valentines Day and made heart shaped pancakes with strawberries and whipped cream for my stepson and husband before they went off to school and work…now that I have the twin 3 year olds I think it is time to resurrect my Valentine Breakfast!

  5. Linda S. Says:

    That’s for the chance to win one of your cute creations. Well, I’ve actually got 2 very fond Valentine memories. One is pre-children, and one post-children. The first was actually my first Valentine’s Day with (my-now) husband 12 years ago! Besides a beautiful ruby ring and gold earrings the “floating” hearts, he filled out apartment with little loves notes! There were probably a couple hundred in all-how sweet! My second is my first Valentine’s Day as a mother. My husband made a card from him and our baby girl, I cried! Nothing can get me going like a mushy card from my children! Happy New Year and thanks for the chance to win!

  6. Sheila Says:

    Love your treat box. Here goes: Years ago my boyfriend (now husband) sent me roses to work on Valentines Day. They were just beautiful BUT I was the only one that received flowers. All the girls oohed and ahhed. I starting feeling bad that they weren’t as lucky as me. I told my boyfriend my feelings and he laughed. BUT he remembered because the following year I received roses for Valentines day and all the girls also received a beautiful rose in a vase. He really is so sweet.

  7. My story is not a funny one but the best Valentines Day was 7 years ago this Valentines Day b/c my little girl was born!

  8. DeniseLynn Says:

    Well, I had singers too! (now this was back before we were married and my hubby was still romantic now and then – 10 years later that’s all gone!). Anyway I was at work and these 4 very handsome men showed up in my office wearing white tuxedos and each holding a red rose. They escorted me out of my office and into a very public meeting area where they then each got on one knee and sang 3 beautiful songs to me. Mind you the enitre staff where I worked was now gathered round … all grinning as my face turned redder than those roses. It was lovely really but I nearly died of embarassment at the time (I was so shy back then!) Now I seldom get gifts from my hubby so I cling to that one very romantic, red-faced moment in time.

  9. Rachel M. Says:

    I think this is the only one I remember and I wasn’t even married yet! Ten years ago, it was my first year of teaching first-grade and of course you have these very active 6 year old little boys who I have to constantly remind to listen and do their class assignments. There were about 5 of them that stood out. I’ve talked with them, sent them to the principal’s office, conferences with parents…EVERYTHING! Imagine my surprise, when Valentine’s Day came and I received wonderful gifts from each of them! A box of chocolates, kisses wrapped up like a bouquet, flowers, stationery, and cards! I honestly did not expect anything and to see them come up to you and hand their gift was so touching, yet amusing. They gave more than my boyfriend (now DH) at the time!

  10. No funny stories, just nice romantic memories I cherish. One thing that does come to mind is my DH upon occassion makes me a card! He has written lovely love poems and his charming perspective of a Valentine! Gotta love it! Deb

  11. Pam Speidel Says:

    Your hot chocolate treat boxes look YUMMY and I would be thrilled to receive one! I enjoyed reading your story and it brought to my mind one of my favorite Valentine’s gifts.
    A few years ago, we were having a colder than usual winter here in Nebraska with several days of below zero temperatures. I was often whining about the weather and how I was so cold. On Valentine’s Day I went out to my car after work and was so surprised to find a very beautifully wrapped package with a big red bow. The tag said “from your secret admirer”. : ) Now, I don’t know what you’re thinking, but I was picturing some slinky little teddy or something from VS. Imagine my surprise when I opened the package to find “Cuddl duds” long underwear! LoL : )

  12. Jill Kirk Says:

    Hilarious story! I love it…good memories forever. Too cute.
    Fun idea for the giveaway too! Cute Vday hot chocolate! I LOVE hot chocolate.
    The most memorable Valentines day I think of was the first year Landon and I were married (8 years ago) and we had just celebrated my bday, Christmas, our anniversary and now it was Valentines. We tried to go to Outback Steakhouse and it was sooooooo busy, so we decided to go home and just do something simple…so we had a candle light dinner over a heart shaped pizza from Papa John’s and I opened a gift of “Tarzan” because we loved the song “You’ll be in my heart” and then we played a card game! We just laughed and enjoyed each other’s company! It was simple and fun! I still laugh when I think about it 🙂

  13. cheryl Says:

    oh my gosh that was funny! We never do anything for Valentines so I don’t have any stories, but I’ll tell you what, pick me and I will have a wonderful Valentines story to tell from now on!!!!!

  14. Ilina Crouse Says:

    I do not have a funny story, I just remember my first valentine’s day with my fiance (now husband) 3 years ago, he made my favorite dish (lasagna) from scratch all by himself, and after dinner he asked me what is my favorite desert and i said Icecream, then he asked me what is my favorite chocolate, I said TWIX, and he pulled out TWIX ICECREAM!

  15. Jo Says:

    Hi, just love your creations and what a lovely Valentine’s story! The one Valentine experience which I remember is quite a few years ago before I had met my husband and a boyfriend of mine knew I loved the film An Officer and a Gentleman. On Valentine’s Day, I was at work (in a bank I might add!) and in comes Ian dressed in his full Naval uniform with a red rose – I was so embarrassed but very chuffed when I noticed all the other girls in the office drooling over him!! There is definitely something about a man in uniform!! Happy New Year to you and your family.

  16. Valenitnes days gone by included the biggest most expensive Hallmark Card my DH could find. Once I started CTMH and making cards he decided to try it out and make me a card. Lets just say it still is the sweetest card that I have. Nothing as good as your story but definately sentimental to me! Thanks for letting me enter!

  17. Jeanna Says:

    My fave Valentine’s Day ever came in the form of a 7lb, 10oz little cupid. On V-Day 2006 at 6:45 in the morning I woke up and after laying in bed for about 15 minutes I felt an interesting little “pop” and my water had broke. We left our house at 7:30 (my contractions were 3 minutes apart), drove in the emergency lane on the freeway to bypass a wreck and it’s obligatory traffic (I’m sure there were some not so nice words uttered by others that were stuck in the traffic), dropped off our older baby (18 mos old)at Grandpa’s, pulled into the hospital at 8:25 and I was holding my most precious Valentine’s gift at 8:52!!!! I told everyone that he would come on Valentine’s and he didn’t let me down.He has always been my little sweetheart and such a flirt! I was never really huge into Valentine’s Day but I sure am now!!! I can’t get enough!
    I had always told my hubby that I never wanted flowers on Valentine’s Day because of the cost, but if I delivered a baby on that day I BETTER get flowers! (I did)

  18. dawn k Says:

    I remember my senior year in high school, my friends and I were all without boyfriends. We went to Friendly’s and ate big ice cream sundaes to drown our sorrows, but wound up laughing at ourselves and having a great time. Love your work. I am so impressed with your talent!

  19. Hi Mary Jo,
    Sweet story! LOVE your card and creative projects.

    Here is my favorite story for Valentine’s Day…

    I was 9 months pregnant and ready to pop. I labored all day on February 13th and it never accured to me that I could have the baby on Valentines Day. The 13th came and went and around 10:30 pm we left for the hospital. Our little bundle of joy arrived February 14th at 2:59 am. He was so sweet and perfect. We are truly blessed and he was the best gift I could ever ask for.

    Happy New Year,
    Hugs, Jennifer 🙂

  20. diane mcvey Says:

    That was a great story!!
    The funniest thing that ever happened to me was, that my husband bought me a .38 pistol for Valentine’s day! I didn’t know whether I was supposed to shoot him, or myself! LOL Just kidding…I did think it was a strange Valentine’s gift! 🙂

  21. Lori Reeves Says:

    Last Valentines Day, I was feeling a little sorry for myself as I was in the process of a divorce that I was not particularly in favor of.
    I had two very good friends remind me that there is more in life than romantic love.
    They made a little brag book that featured my new grandson, son and DIL.
    They put pics of my goddaughter,
    and one of my fave sayings. They reminded of the things that I love: my dog, life, beaches, etc.
    I will never forget the kindness that is in that book.

  22. Charmaine Says:

    What an adorable idea, Mary Jo! My husband would LOVE an “in house” restaurant dinner. I’ll have to remember that for when my kids are a little older! 🙂 And the quartet. . .how very sweet! I remember one V-day when my husband and I were still dating and I was on tour doing a show. We weren’t going to be able to see each other since I was on the other side of the country, so I wasn’t expecting anything. When our cast arrived at the hotel there was this beautiful bouquet of roses waiting for me. I couldn’t believe it. So, I kept the roses and hung them upside down when they started to dry out. Once they were dried, I took them from the stems and placed them in a heart shaped box and sprayed the perfume I always wore on them and sent the box to my husband (then my boyfriend). He STILL has it!

  23. Nancy Says:

    I love your hot chocolate packages….too adorable!
    After 38 years of marriage (to the same man) I really can’t think of one Valentine’s day story. But I do remember one year for my birthday ( a week before Vday) he went to the travel agency and bought tickets for me to go back to Philly to visit my family. He even took a weeks vacation so he could stay home and watch our two kids. What a guy!

  24. Karin Jackson Says:

    OK, I HAVE to leave a comment!

    I haven’t visited your site for a while, and now I wish I had been here more regularly — my ‘Valentine story’ relates to your soooo thoughtful and generous donation to the Ronald McDonald House for Christmas!

    Six years ago, my oldest (b/g twins) were 4 months old and my daughter was scheduled for open heart surgery on the second day of the new year. To keep a very long story short, she survived two open heart surgeries in 6 weeks – she has now had 6 total – and made it home just in time for Valentine’s Day —now known in our family as Congenital Heart Defect Awareness Day – since our third child, too, is now a heart survivor (fortunately, the other two have been heart healthy). My daughter has a little pink and red doll with a heart on her dress I bought her the day she came home that we call ‘Luvie.’ We didn’t have a ton of $$ for ‘extravagances’ back then, but I HAD to have that doll for her!

    You amaze me that you are a mother of a nice large brood and yet have time to truly inspire the rest of us. And I am still choked up by your gracious story of sharing your $winnings with those less fortunate…and ‘draggin’ your kids, along too – HA! I empathize.

    God Bless you.

    Sorry this was so lengthy!

  25. Elaine Says:

    What a sweet story!! I Mine is kind of silly. One year when I still lived at home and was in either highschool or college, my mom bought me a Valentine’s Day gift (not her normal thing to do). I opened it to find a very RED silk top and with a lacy collar -obviously a valentine’s day blouse….RED is NOT my color at all, and I did not get what was going on – why did I get something on valentine’s day from my mom this year? …well, she got that blouse for a song – and couldn’t pass it up – which is why I ended up with it! LOL (YECH!)

  26. Super cute hot chocolate packetts! My Valentine story is that my husband and I got engaged on Valentines Day 10 years ago!!

  27. I think you’ve been digging in my stamp room as I have this set too, and I only have 3 or 4 MFT sets — LOL!!! What a cool Valentine story!!! I have no romantic stories to relay, as my DH is the MOST practical person on earth — nothing like that would ever happen at my house. I guess the only Valentine story I can even remember, was when I was 14 or 15 (I think), I was crowned the queen (or whatever) at the Valentine Dance!!! LOL!!!! I even remember what I was wearing — isn’t that funny!!!

  28. Tracy McKenna Says:

    What an adorable story! Valentine’s Day is my favorite day of the year….weird, I know, but I just love all the hearts and luv ‘n stuff Ü
    I’ve been married for 14 years and my first Valentine’s Day with my “unexperienced” husband yielded a w-a-f-f-l-e i-r-o-n! I tried to suck it up and be a big girl but bust out crying and then when right into laughing hysterically. Days later, I go to make him waffles and find the gift certificate for an overnight stay at a fancy hotel inside the waffle iron! He never said a word and knew I’d eventually discover his “real” intent!

  29. Nancy Clark Says:

    My story was not funny at the time, but it has become one that my husband and I love to tell.

    On Valentine’s Day of 1976 my boyfriend and I were in the middle of a huge arguement. I went with him to his parents house more to keep arguing than anything else. I have been known to be stubborn a few times in my life.

    I knew he bought me a jewelery box for Valentine’s Day, but being the BRAT that I was, I told him to give it to his sister. His whole family was there, and I certainly made a fool of myself. She told me she didn’t want the jewelery box, and that I should open it and return it if I really didn’t want it.

    Remember I said I have been stubborn befrore? He finally got me to unwrap the present and then I proceeded to set it down beside me. I didn’t need to see how it was made inside, I picked it out!!! After a lot of fussing from his family I finally opened the jewelery box.

    When I finally opened the box I found my engagement ring. – along with the wedding bands that he had picked out himself and had been paying for a little at a time for months. I was 16 and he was 19. I don’t know what it was about that beautiful ring, but suddenly we were not arguing any more!

    That was 32 years ago this February 14th. We were married several months later. To this day, neither of us have a clue what we were arguing over! AND – I sure am glad he didn’t give that jewelery box to his sister.

  30. Cathy Says:

    Wow these are to cute. Count me in on this sweet handmade giveaway. My Valentine story is…..At work our company sales items through United Way to raise money. So of course I have to buy stuff. So for both my daughters I bought a bundle of balloons with candy and a stuff animal for each. Well not paying attention coming home I was going faster then I should and was pulled over. The balloons were going crazying while talking to the officer, since the window was down and the wind blowing. I couldn’t believe on Valentine’s Day I was going to get a ticket. Happy Valentine’s Day to me!!! The officer came back and just told me to watch my speed!! Whooo Hooo!!!! NO TICKET! I hope you get alittle laugh with this little adventure. Thanks for a chance and have a wonderful NEW YEAR!

  31. Lorie Says:

    What a great story! I asked my husband what his favorite was because he’s always the planner and he said (I agree) that it was the very first Valentine’s we spent together. I was living in a different state so I flew in to stay with him for a few days. It was great because we just watched movies, ate what we wanted, and then attended my first (and only I must say) military ball. It was a dress up event full of tradition and fun. It was also my first time meeting some of his co-workers spouses so it was a bit stressful. Each year though I get flowers and a gift that he has chosen from the heart. He also makes my cards for me now which is special too! :o)

  32. Katey Says:

    I dont have silly story for Valentine… but I want to tell you that , these are cute!!!

    Happy new year!!! 🙂

  33. Janet Berezowecki Says:

    Wow–I just love those treat boxes. You’re so creative! I also love the story–I can just imagine those men arriving on your doorstep to sing for you. Wish I had a story as nice!

    Thanks for sharing, Janet b

  34. Jan Scholl Says:

    the only story I have is about the first year we were married and hubby got me no card, so I got out paper and crayons and told him to make me one. He did-I still have it-and that was the last one I ever got. I guess he figures if he gives me his pay stub, he has fulfilled his romantic duties.

  35. Cathy Says:

    Well, not sure what you’ll think of my valentine story, but here it is… when my then-boyfriend asked me to marry him nearly 22 years ago, we attempted to settle on a date. Since our next long weekend at work (we worked for the same company) was President’s Day, we picked the date… only to find out it was Valentine’s Day. Now, everyone thinks my husband was such a romantic! Ha! I know the real story – but love him anyways 🙂

    Great project!

  36. Peggy Maier Says:

    Your hot choc. holders are so cute! Sorry I don’t have any valentine stories to share – funny, cute, silly or otherwise. My husband is the most practical man alive. I can only remember 2 times that I have recieved a gift & I was so surprised I was in shock for a week both times! LOL! I’ve just had to accept the fact that he is not romantic & it doesn’t bother me any more. I did love reading everyones stories – so sweet. I’m glad some of you got a romantic fella!

  37. Staci Lynch Says:

    Love the hot chocolate holders! Um, I don’t know if I have any good stories to match yours! Our valentine’s usally consist of the choc. candy gifts and I love you’s! You have inspired me to do something extra special this year though! Thank you!


  38. Beth Says:

    My husband was in the Navy and gone for quite a few V-Days. When he transfered to shore duty, that V-Day he took me to dinner at a favorite Mexican place and kept watching the door. I was getting totally annoyed with him and was ready to get mad and leave. When all of a sudden, he goes…”Yes! It’s about time!” Next thing I know, two friends from the base were standing on either side of me with armloads of roses in every light color imaginable. There were 54 roses… one for each month of sea duty. Then my husband gave me 3 red roses- one for each V-Day he was at sea. Needless to say the tears were flowing, people were “awwing” and the lady at the table next to us, slugged her guy in the arm and said “Why can’t you be romantic!”

    It is a moment that will live in our memories forever!

  39. Linda SS Says:

    I enjoy your blog and the hot chocolate holders are really cute. My husband always gave me red roses for Valentines Day until I hinted around one year that it might be more fun if we shared a box of See’s chocolates. From then on, we each pick out a pound of candy to pig out on throughout the month of February. It may not be as romantic, but it’s sure a lot of fun:)

  40. Diane Lapointe Says:

    Love your story!!! That must of been so much with the kids and all!!!
    My favorite Valentine story was our 2nd Valentine Day together,My hubby was at work and I had the day off.So I had made his favorite for dinner,pasta with garlic bread,but before he could have dinner he had to pick up the trail of chocolates I had made for him which led to find me waiting for him with 2 wine glasses with 7-up in them because I was just dx with a liver disease which meant I could no longer drink any alcohol.
    It was so funny watching him with a basket picking up those candy kisses and all kinds of other cchocolates on his knees.
    Still to this day we laugh about it,I’ll have to that for him again real soon,maybe this year!!!
    Thanks for the chance to win!!!!

  41. Silke Ledlow Says:

    I think your husband is a sweetheart for trying!!!
    I don’t have a cute story, but I cherish every Valentine, because my 3 girls love to make it special for me and serve me breakfast in bed and I always get beautiful roses from each of my girls and of course my DH. You should see their looks on their faces when they present it….way to cute!!!
    Makes my heart melt each year….

    PS: Your yummy’s look wonderful!!!

  42. Bonnie Sharp Says:

    Oh my goodness, you have an amazing site!! My hubby and I have been exchanging Valentine’s Cards for 27 years (28 in Feb) Three years ago, he gave him a card that was really quite mushy compared to what we normally had been giving. I put up quite a blubber (crying, kissing and such!) Two years ago, he gave me another mushy card which I thought was so very loving of him again ! Then last year, I got another mushy card from him-but I got thinking that it looked very familiar but maybe all mushy cards look the same…..he started giggling and confessed that this was the third year in a row that he had given me the same card – he kept saving it year to year!!! What a goofy guy!!

  43. Lori Franklin Says:

    that is a great story….and one i am sure you will always remember…your husband sounds very creative in the surprise department!!!

    This has been years ago, but still is a special story to me…My brother sent me flowers to work for Valentines Day. It was the sweetest thing ever because it was so unexpected. I had no idea he was going to do such a thing since he was so wrapped up in his relationship to stop and think about sending flowers to his sister as well. I will never forget it…

    Happy New YEAR!!!!

  44. Jennifer Says:

    Another first time visiter to your site. I just love your cards! Totally inspiring. Thanks for sharing them.

    Anyway, I don’t know if this is really funny, but last year I bought some king crab legs for dinner, as my husband and I love crab cocktail. Well, before we ate them, my husband and my son ended up using them as lightsabers and had a little Jedi-battle. The story probably doesn’t translate, but the pictues are awesome! 🙂 too bad I’m so far behind in my scrapbooking!

  45. Melissa Says:

    7-8 years ago we were really on a tight budget after deciding to get off of the credit card train so Valentine’s gifts weren’t high on our “must have” list! After talking it over, we decided to share a $10 total budget and see what we could come up with for each other. My gift to my husband was easy – silky boxer shorts that he wore as pajamas for years but it was the small token that he gave me that still warms my heart.

    It’s a silly little bear figurine sitting on a swing. Over the bears head is a little heart that says “I love all the little things you do”. On any other occasion something like this may seem a little hokey and somewhat juvenile, but it was given from his heart. And was still within our budget!

    Thanks for the trip down memory lane Mary Jo! And congratulations on so many hits!

    Many Blessings,

  46. Val Says:

    What a thoughtful husband!
    I have one for you… way back, (i think 23 yrs now) my then boyfriend and I were planning to get married… we were never officially engaged as he had this weird sense that it was too traditional and didn’t like to follow norms… fine with me, we set the date for March 30th… that meant though that I was not wearing an engagement ring either. We did go shopping for wedding rings and never really came to any conclusions except that I kept looking at bands rather than the diamonds…
    Feb14th, I was at home at my parents and addressing the invitations and he came to pick me up for a “Valentine’s dinner fundraiser” he brought me a single rose in a vase. It was so sweet… but we were late. So I was in a rush to get out the door. We got into his truck and asks me “did you look at the rose?” I answered “of course hun, it is beautiful” he says “no, did you really look at the rose?” Well… even though we were late, I had to run back into the house and there at the base of the rose, was a beautiful diamond engagement ring! i ripped it off the rose (poor rose) and started crying… it was the only one we had looked at months before that actually fit my finger and didn’t need to be adjusted… i will never forget that, and how romantic it was.

  47. What a great story. Your DH sounds like a keeper 🙂

    My Valentine story actually took place last year on February 13th – the day before we got the big snowstorm! While on my way home from work, I was turning right into a parking lot to run into the only scrapbooking store within 30 miles to pick up a couple pieces of red card stock to make DH’s valentine. I was about 1/2 way into the parking lot when my car started to spin in circles and I heard a woman screaming. I had been rear-ended and the force pushed me the rest of the way into the parking lot and spun me around several times! Thankfully no one was hurt, although the woman who hit me was taken by ambulance as she was flipping out from the accident. It turned out she was abusing prescription drugs but thats another story! The accident ripped the rear axle and rear passenger tire off my car, which was only a few months old. After filing the police report, etc., I called home to have my son pick me up, as the accident was about one mile from our home. Then I called my husband to ask him where I should have my car towed and let him know about the accident and stress that I was OK. He flipped out, dropped everything and rushed to the accident scene – to make sure I was really ok. When he asked what I was doing in the shopping plaza I told him that I was buying card stock for his valentine. He hugged me and said me being ok is the only valentine he’ll ever need!

    I am hoping for a much less eventful Valentine’s Day this year!


  48. bluemoon Says:

    Your Hot chocolate containers are very cute! Well done!
    I don’t have a story to tell, great reading though. Thank you. Happy New Year! Cheers! TFS.

  49. Julie Says:

    Well, this isn’t one of those romantic stories, but what I thought about right away…

    Valentine’s Day 2005 was right after I found out that I was pregnant with our first – and it was also the day that we heard his little heart beat for the first time at a routine dr. visit. Didn’t realize then that this little boy and his baby brother would steal my heart forever. Sometimes it’s hard to have a “romantic” day with little ones – but it’s amazing how fast they grow and my wonderful husband and I are going to enjoy every minute of it ; )

  50. Melissa Says:

    I don’t have a story… I just love Valentine’s Day because it’s one of the few times a year that my hubby brings home flowers. He tells me that all the guys from his work walk over to Costco at lunch and sucumb to the peer pressure of buying flowers on that day. Yeah for positive peer pressure.

  51. Karin Says:

    I wish I had a funny story–but don’t. Would love to be entered in the giveaway. Enjoyed reading the other entries. Helped pull me out of the winter doldrums!

  52. kathryn pickering Says:

    I do not have a romantic or funny story but a Valentine tale. I have for may years decorated our table for Valentine’s Day. I hang a cupid and heart mobile, set out Valentine partyware,gifts,cards and candy just like for a party as a surprise when the children got home from school(1daughter, 3 sons). One year I asked what they would like me to make as aspecial Valentine’s dinner. My oldest son answered”Heart-shaped pizza!!!! My thought was “How??? I bought a dough mix and shaped it by hand on a cookie sheet. They thought it was the greatest! We have been having heart-shaped pizzas for around ten years now(it takes at least three of them). My children are now 18, 16, 13 & 12. They (and many of their friends) think our Valentine’s dinner pizzas are the coolest things! Our own children created one of our most enjoyed family traditions!

  53. Read This Says:

    I benefit from reading your web site. Thank you so much!

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