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TUTORIAL…..Soldering intro March 29, 2008

Ahhhh, how about a way to showcase your work that doesn’t always involve card making.  Doesn’t that sound good.  Think….ornaments, hangings, and home decor.  Let me give a basic intro to Soldering.  I was honored to spend a day browsing CHA with the most fabulous Ellen Hutson.  I know right.  I was trying to take it all in.  Yep, I’m a nerd with a tablet taking notes from her….lol.  What can I say.  I try to remember ALMOST everything someone says to me.  Well, during that day, I was introduced to soldering and was impressed by the possibilities and how I could showcase my work in a different light.

Mother’s Day is right around the corner.  My Mom loves & collects butterflies.  Here is a little something for her:

soldering sample upclose  Isn’t this amazing?  Picture this hanging on a window,the wall, or a door handle.  See, my Mom will receive so much more than a card this year.

Here is a full view of the hanging:

soldering sample



Here is a pic of the kit I purchased at Ellen Hutson’s store:

soldering tutorial pic of kit  You will get everything in this kit to get started right away.  There is a tri-fold pamphlet inside with directions and step-by-step pictures.   

soldering step 1  Color your stamped image and cover with pieces of glass.  Images Checkered Butterfly & IB Butterfly are from Lockhart Stamp Co. purchased at Ellen Hutson’s webstore.  I used Prismacolor pencils (Non-Photo Blue, Sky Blue Light, Indigo Blue, Chocolate, Cream, and White).  I sponged the edges of the CS with SU! Soft Sky ink.

soldering step 2  Wrap Copper Foiling around the outside of the glass.  The foil does have adhesive on the reverse side.

soldering step 3  You will want to fold in the sides of the foil.  I started with the side pieces being careful at the corners so that when I folded down the top and bottom there were no rough edges or bumps.  You want to smooth it out and rid all the air bubbles.

soldering step 4  Here is a pic of the sides folded in so you can see the corners. 

soldering step 5  Use an Exacto Knife to trim the foil.  It is really easy to cut and peels right off. 

soldering step 6  You will next want to place your project in the holding clamps that come with the kit.  You do one side at a time.  Apply “Flux” to the side you are working with.  Use soldering iron and solder to the side.  I didn’t apply that much since this is still new to me.  You will then repeat to all sides.

soldering step 7  Here is a pic of the first side I did (top).  I started with the top and worked my way around. 

 soldering step 7  Once you are finished soldering all sides, file any rough areas with a file.   The reverse side is a buffing file to finish the project.

 In my sample above, there are jump-rings.  Well, I can’t take pics of that process.  This step takes practice and is the only area I had some trouble with.  I think it is because I’m a perfectionist and was trying so hard to form a nice mound of solder.   I did finally get two jump-rings to the top of my project which I threaded Navy Organdy ribbon through.  The little soldered image was so fun to make.  I used my SU! Pretties Kit and soldered one of the pins to the back of it.  LOVE IT!!!! 

Here are some recommendations:

The soldering iron is HOT.  Yep, I burned my thumb

Please, don’t do this with kids around.  I waited until my kiddos went to bed just so there wouldn’t be any accidents.  My little Ethan is always around me when I’m making projects and he grabs stuff and runs from me.  This is not a tool I will be using with him around.

Be careful with the copper foil when you trim it or little shavings will get into your skin….nothing serious.

Make sure your work space is free from clutter.  I used a cutting board to work over just for any solder that may drip.  The kit does come with a soldering iron stand/holder.

Like mentioned above, practice with the jump-rings is something I will indeed work on. 

The possibilites are endless.

Here is another addition to my supplies…..Prismacolor pencils.  I sometimes get tired of watercoloring so I thought I would show you my work with pencils:)

my pencils  Can’t stay away from watercoloring for long….I just received all the Ranger Re-inkers to play around with.  That will be tomorrow.  I keep telling my husband that “I NEED” these necessities to grow…lol  But, it’s true!

Hope you enjoy and continue to enjoy your weekend:)


10 Responses to “TUTORIAL…..Soldering intro”

  1. Mary Campbell Says:

    Your Mom will love this. What a wonderful idea. Truly beautiful. Thanks for sharing. Mary

  2. Donna Says:

    this is awesome, Mary Jo! I bet your mom will adore it! Thanks for the tutorial on the soldering-I make jewelry and this is on my to do list to delve into next. Just how many Prismas came in that mondo box? I’d be curious to know how much it cost (I have like 96 I think and it was an awesome deal but it will take me a while to figure out the colors I still ‘need’ – oh I resemble that remark – HA HA

  3. Tricia T Says:

    Love your Prismacolors! Where did you find them in the wooden box??

  4. Elizebeth Says:

    Your soldering looks great!

    I haven’t taken the time to do any in a couple months, I got into it last summer.

    And YES the soldering gun is HOT but so is the silver! I have dropped hot little silver beads on my legs and burned through my jammies!

  5. OMG You cannot make me want to take on another project…LOL But I love this!!! Dear, oh Dear…shame on you. And yes, you NEED all the Ranger Reinkers. Now I do too. 😉

  6. Emily N. Says:

    What a wonderful Mother’s Day present! So elegant and beautiful! I like the idea of using my creations in a different form, other than cardmaking a scrapbooking. TFS!

  7. Estivalia Says:

    this looks great, awesome coloring! I am thinking of trying soldering myself, since I know I have a soldering iron around here.

  8. Conniecrafter Says:

    Oh that is just so sweet, she is going to LOVE this!

  9. Debbie Olson Says:

    Oh my WORD! This is fabulous, MJ! I just adore it–you ROCK!

  10. fabulous tute…love the wooden box of Prismas

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