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(long story) Living with a BEAST….. March 30, 2008

isn’t always easy.  There are many responsibilities as a pet owner….one being that no one gets hurt.  Let me set the scene for you.

Here is the beast that some of you are aware I have:

bailey bear

It was about 6:30 in the morning a couple weeks ago.  I took Bailey out back of our home to do his business.  Yes, he was leashed.  He got away from me and took off towards the front of our house.  Perfect timing that there would be a woman walking her dog.  My dog has issues…he is aggressive towards other animals (ie: dogs, cats, birds, squirrels, worms, grasshoppers,  He likes to believe he is the alpha of all alpha males.  Now, with that being said, some may know that Saint Bernards are so loving towards people.  Due to his wierd animal behaviors, we keep him on our property at all times and many neighbors don’t even know that we have a dog.  He doesn’t get to go for strolls through the neighborhood cause I wouldn’t be able to restrain him if we did encounter someone else walking their dog (he is up to 170 lbs.) 

So, this woman walking her dog is one of those good pet owners who walks her dog 3 times a day and works on obedience training with her dog.  She rescued her dog when it was young from an abusive environment so her dog has issues as well with other dogs.   Now, picture it….my dog goes running towards her and her dog out front of my home.  They start growling and fighting.  We were both screaming.  I was able to grab my dogs leash and pull them apart (I was afraid to go near her dog being it looks like a Pitt Bull and I have issues with them for some reason….now, this woman will have issues with Saint Bernards and I totally understand).  She was very stand-offish and just walked away from me.  I looked down at my dog and he had blood on his mouth and face.  Great!  I put the dog in the house and jump in my car to go talk to the woman.  I was so upset and apologized like you wouldn’t believe.  I wanted to make sure her dog was okay, explain what had happened, and inform her that my dog is up on all his shots and such.  She was so nice to me and asked how my dog was.

I get back home to check out my dog and the blood wasn’t from the other dog (which I first thought).  My dog was the one who was injured with 4 punctures to his face.  He limped around for 2 days.  He is 100% better but still continues to have his issues with other animals.  I waited to see if I would be contacted from someone or how ever that process works if someone reports an incident and I didn’t get a phone call or letter.  What I did receive was a very nice “Thank You” card in my mail box for showing concern and apologizing.  She went on to explain the history of her dog and she wanted to make sure my dog was okay.  HOW SWEET RIGHT?  I was so relieved and this will be an isolated incident.  We have had our dog for 5 years and this has never happened. 

To show my appreciation, thanks, and to apologize for causing any distress, I made the following items for her:

 neighbor gift 1        neighbor gift 2

The first set features a SU! retired stamp set “Ruff Day” that I had to use cause it was one of my favorites and appropriate to use. 

Here is a breakdown and single pic of each card:

neighbor fire hydrant card  Cause I know some will ask….this fire hydrant card I cased from the most talented Lauren Meader.  She has a tutorial on her blog that you can view here.  The only thing I changed from her tutorial is I didn’t have any oval stamps so I used Word Window Punch.

neighbor doghouse card  Yep, I so love this one.  I used Key Tag Punch for the doghouse door.  The bottom horizontal CS pieces I created with Word Window Punch and just cut longer pieces of cs for the top of the house.  I’m lovin’ the sign…lol

neighbor ruff day card  Simple but didn’t want to take away from the dog collar I created with Silver Brads, 5/8″ Old Olive Grosgrain ribbon and I forget where I purchased the clasp/buckle.

Now, since she always walks her dog, I thought I would also create 3 of each of the following cards (6 total) with envelopes and different sentiments so she would have cards handy to send out to people.

neighbor stamping bella card  I love this Stamping Bella image.  What pet owner wouldn’t?  It is called Dogwalkabella with “need a hug” sentiment.  Paper is American Crafts “sixth avenue gramercy park”.  The Light Yellow card base and envelopes coordinate and are from Gartner Studios which I purchased at my local craft store. 

 neighbor MFT card  I used MFT set Let’s go for a walk for this card.  Same line of paper (can’t find on the amer crafts website..must be older). 

So, I know the gesture will be well received.  She does continue to walk her dog by our home.  We wave and all is good:)  Oh the life of a pet owner. 


29 Responses to “(long story) Living with a BEAST…..”

  1. Oh how traumatizing!! We don’t walk our dogs for this very same reason!! I’m glad he’s better and there wasn’t any harm done. She’ll love your goodies!

  2. Tamara Says:

    What a great ending to your story. I am sorry your dog had that experience, but it is great that you have been able to move past this, and the cards you made are FANTASTIC!!

  3. Marie Says:

    What a fantastic gesture for your neighbor. You both handled the situation well, and with class. Kudos to both of you!
    We have the same attitude with our fur-baby, but I cannot imagine the size of your big buddy. He’s amazing!
    I love the hydrant card, and your right Lauren’s work is extremely talented. ~Marie

  4. Emily N. Says:

    I am so sorry about your dog, but glad for the friendly outcome! I would just die if someone gave me a gift like this after that experience! What a sweet gesture! All of your cards are fabulous, as always:D

  5. Cynthia Says:

    What a great story and what wonderful things that you made. You must of been super upset. Making papercrafts or any crafts for that matter is my therapy. Looks like your the same. My mom thinks I am crazy but it totally relaxes me. I m so happy your dog is ok. What a beautiful bred. Cynthia

  6. Judy Says:

    Bailey looks adorable and glad there was a quick recovery. We love our pets don’t we?

  7. Allison Says:

    What a gorgeous dog you have! Glad to hear there was a quick recovery! I’ve been posting lots about my pets on my blog lately as well! Pets just make life worth it!

  8. Vera Says:

    Thanks for sharing your story. I have had to two saints and I’m constantly worried that my current saint will traumatize a neighbor. She’s sweet, but huge! My saint barks at everything and everybody and even though her tail is wagging, her bark is loud and scary! I hope Bailey is ok, and I’m so glad the other pet owner was cool about the whole thing!

  9. ~amy~ Says:

    Thanks for sharing your story..Bailey is absolutely a-dorable! The cards you made are perfect!

  10. Heather R. Says:

    I’m truly sorry for what you and your neighbor had to encounter. That type of situation is never a pleasing one. I was walking a friend of the families dog (miniture doberman pintcher) and he encounter two stray white shephards. They attacked this dog and I was holding the leash…When all was done, this poor little dog that I was walking was a mess. We took it to the vet and it had to be put to sleep. To this day I think it was my fault…But I am still a dog lover! Very cute cards, I love the ideas and creativity behind the kind gesture…

  11. Andi Says:

    What a story! How nice of you to give her such sweet gifts! Anyone would love them, but she will really appreciate it! Maybe you have made a new friend in all of this!

  12. Milli Says:

    I just have to say that I am glad I am not the only one with a dog I can’t walk! We adopted him from from the Sheltie rescue, and although he weighs less than 25 pounds, he is extremely leash aggressive. I have to walk him between 5:30 – 5:45 am, when I know no one else is out walking their dogs!
    I’m glad everything turned out OK for you & Bailey.

  13. Denise Says:

    Oh, I feel your pain!! We have a 80 lb. 18 mos. lab who has the same issues. She’s actually broken a restaining leash at the very sight of a dachsund. Fortunately, she’s very gentle and friendly with people and small kids, but who knew a lab could be so aggressive??? Anyway, I love what you’re doing for the other lady. I know how thankful you must be that of all the dog walkers in the world, your “beast” chose her and her dog! I too fear what could happen in the worst case scenario.

    Anyway, you are a wonderful and responsible dog owner and I applaud your kind gesture!

  14. Ann C. Says:

    I’m so glad to hear that both dogs were ok and you and your neighbor were able to communicate and not end up in up an ugly fight. It was so kind of you to go the extra mile and make her some cute cards & things.!

  15. All are fabulous cards. Scary story, but I’m glad it all came out ok in the end. I’m sure she’ll feel priviledged to get the cards!

  16. Conniecrafter Says:

    so glad to hear it all worked out ok, I know some people can be really nasty about these kind of things. Wow she is going to be one happy cookie after receiving your wonderful cards!

  17. Jackie Pedro Says:

    I’m glad Bailey is well and I’m glad there are no hard feelings between you and the other woman! If there were hard feelings, these darling projects would make it all better. I love them!!

  18. I completely understand the not wanting rto take your dog for a walk artound the neighborhood. I have two dogs (around 55 lbs each) and they (together) are probably at the limit of what I can “handle” in situations of other animals, especially at 30 weeks pregnant (rabbits, squirrels, other dogs, etc.). Funniest thing is they do great at a dog park when they are off their leashes and it is neutral territory…but on a walk they are a pack looking out for me and each other! I actually will turn around and walk another direction if I see someone else walking their dogs…everyone must think I am soo friendly 🙂 Glad Bailey is doing o.k.
    Love the cards you made! So adorable and I am sure the other dog owner will appreciate them even more!

  19. Lisa Henke Says:

    so sorry to hear about the dog incident and that your “Beast” (he is so beautiful, BTW) got injured. I have a 90lb. golden retreiver so I know about not being able to hold them back when they want to charge. I’m sure this woman will love those cards (they rock!) I’m still in shock that you don’t own any oval punches-LOL! havea great day and thanks for sharing 🙂

  20. As a fellow dog lover I thank you for sharing your story! I knew as you I was reading though when you said that her dog was a rescue that your story would have a happy ending. People who rescue dogs are special people. There love of animals is usually far reaching!! Your gifts are beauitful and I know she will be touched by your gesture! I know I would be!!


  21. Kendra Giles Says:

    OMG what a story Mary Jo! I’m glad everything worked out okay and what an awesome gift for your neighbor! I have the same problem you just described…….except for my alpha male is a chiweenie (1/2 chihuahua 1/2 weenie dog)…..he weighs all of 12lbs, but thinks that he is about 150 pounds! He cannot stand for another dog to walk down or sidewalk or much less try to attempt to walk in our yard lol

  22. Nancy Riley Says:

    No wonder she continues to walk in front of your house … she wants more awesome cards!!!! LOL!

    All kidding aside, yes I’m sure that was tramatic for all, hope your dog is doing well now, and you are so very generous to give her those great cards!

  23. Cindy Major Says:

    That was so nice of you to do this set for her! She must have been pleased as punch! It’s absolutely beautiful – love everything you’ve included in it!

    I’m particularly impressed with the dog house and the fire hydrant one – how clever!


  24. Deb Says:

    First off….AMAZING and super generous….WOW! Your cards are the best! My brother always wanted a St. Bernard but our parents said no because they eat too much….so instead he has a full sized huge collie that weighs 105 lbs.! 🙂
    I am a huge dog lover and have 2 shelties. My DH & I walk them down by the Missouri River where there are no other dogs or people just so we don’t have to deal with them. My dogs do not like bike riders…..low and behold my DH took the boys out yesterday (as I was gone) and encountered a bike rider down there….first time for everything. Anyhow, I guess the rider was super scared of my little 15 lb. sheltie. My DH had to pick him up (the dog…hee hee) and show the guy it was ok. Just thought I would share that….thanks for ‘listening’. Glad everything is ok between you and the other lady.

  25. Dawn Says:

    The gifts you made are lovely and what a wonderful gesture. Maybe you 2 will be good friends down the road. My heart goes out to you over the whole incident. I have a large dog – a 100lb lab – that we keep in the house, and do not have a fenced in yard. Sooo… when he’s outside, he’s loose and doesn’t always mind the boundaries of our yard. He’s been trained but every now & then he “forgets” his training, becomes deaf, and oblivious to everything but what he wants to do at that moment. So embarrassing sometimes. I am fearful we’re going to get a call, or a letter, or a policeman at the door… From one dog lover to another, my heart is with you on this. Gorgeous pup you’ve got, too. I used to have St. Bernies – their names were Hiedi & Jenny (yes, 2 at one time. They were great!).

  26. Oh that must have been scary! I had a Shar Pei years ago that didn’t appreciate other 4 legged critters either and now I have 2 little ones….4.2lbs and 6.6lbs (Chihuaha/Pomeranians) and well they are pretty scared of……anything! LOL. I think they are likely smaller than your dogs food bowl! I am really glad it all worked out and that you made a neighborly friend.

  27. Marette Says:

    First of all, You have to be one of the top 3 MOST TALENTED stampers ever. Thank you for being so generous by sharing so readily your creations.

    Second, have you ever seen Cesar Millan’s show The Dog Whisperer? He is so impressive and I am continually impressed how he teaches dog owners to “redirect” their dogs unwanted behaviors with Simple techniques. I am sure your “beast” is absolutely wonderful through and through. Cesar teaches how to stop any unwanted behavior before they escalates and you look down and your darling dog is acting as sweet as he does when he is curled up on the couch with you. (of course your baby may have to sit next to you instead of on you! lol). Just watching his show has taught me so much and it is all done without “words” and no harm to your dog with force. Hopefully your boy has recovered 100% from his bites, poor baby… he is sooo cute. I think the show is on the national geographic channel if you want to check it out. Take care and Keep stamping! 🙂

  28. Yvonne Says:

    Those doggie cards are just adorable. I’m inspired.

  29. Marion Says:

    I know this is a rather old post but I just read it. It brought tears to my eyes to hear that she sent you a card and then you in-turn sent her a few goodies. I know I would feel the same way. You are a truly sweet person.

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