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artisan award entries 2008 August 5, 2008

I thought I would share with you the projects I submitted for the contest.  One may look very familiar if you’ve been to Shelli’s new blog *wink*. 

Here is my swap card I made for this year.  I only made 36 and it took me about 1 week just to complete them.  I had to give 20 of them to a scs wow swap, 11 of them were distributed during the artisan award dinner…so really, no major swapping here.  I do plan on swapping more in the future.


I think this card is great.  It showcases how you can use 4 different sets and make them coordinate with one another.  I wanted to use the boat from Nursery Necessities but didn’t want to create a baby card.  I love all the dimension.  I love the colors.

The next several pictures are my artisan entries.  I was asked if I’d do it again.  How rewarding of an experience.  I have no regrets.  Makes all the sleepless nights to get the projects done so worth it.  I encourage everyone to give it a try.  Start by entering the monthly contests.  Learn what it is SU! is looking for (that can be very challenging).  Study the world and find inspiration all around you:) 


I had to submit 10 projects total:  2 3-D items, 3 pages, and 5 cards.


I’m a SLOW scrapbook maker…lol  I spent about 2-3 days on each one.  My favorite is the “discover” page.  I like how all the pieces fit together, the colors, and the pics.


The above are my 2 3-D  items.  The first is a Linen Ring Album decorated with chipboard elements, chipboard clipboard, and rubons galore.  The second item is wooden blocks in a cute little wooden wagon.  I just pictured a little boy pulling the blocks behind him.  Very hard to part with.


And lastly, my cards.  I wanted to create a variety of styles, colors, and themes. 

Thanks for stopping by.  I should be back to stamping and sharing real soon.


34 Responses to “artisan award entries 2008”

  1. Rachel M. Says:

    Wow Mary Jo! I love everything, especially the scrapbook pages! You put so much wonderful detail into your work! It’s beautiful! All I can say is WOW and congratulations again!

  2. TIFFANY Says:

    I love the blocks did you cut them out or alter old blocks? You have super cute ideas. Thanks so much for sharing your creative thoughts

  3. Tara Says:

    wow! I can see why you won! All of your projects are fabulous! Congrats on your win! I love all the details in every piece! 🙂

  4. Lisa Banks Says:

    So Adorable…..Love this creation!!!

  5. Jen Ofiana Says:

    Wow, truely breathtaking projects! I love the wooden blocks and wagon and the scrapbook pages are amazing!! Your attention to detail is like no other! I am so not surprised you won and that one of the projects ended up on Shelli’s blog! Congrats MJ!!

  6. Angie Tieman Says:

    Awesome projects, MJ, just like I knew they would be!! So glad we got to catch up again and visit last week! Thanks for saving a swap for me! *wink*

  7. Tonya Says:

    Awesome! Absolutely gawwwjus!

  8. Linda Says:

    Holy heck Mary Jo…they are all fabbo. My fave is the LO that Shelli used too….it is drop dead gorgeous…..LOVE it. Clever chookie:-))

  9. Mary Jo

    I was one of the lucky swap card recipients-few or a lot– I will cherish your card-its a work of art. I am so honored to have it.

    Congrats again on your win! and it was a pleasure meeting you in person. I hope someday me, you and Deb can stamp together- we are pretty close- Hey I drive 2 hours to stamp with some really cool ladies that are sort of out your way!!

    – I just love your work

  10. You are really such a shining star MJ! Congrats! Deb

  11. Kudos for all of your awesome projects – the one on Shelli’s blog is AMAZING! It needs to be framed on a wall! And all of your cards are so different and cool too.

  12. Jennifer Scull Says:

    well those of us who are your blog groupies of course know that you are ALWAYS AND FOREVER a winner!! 😀 your projects are just stunning! you truly have a gift when it comes to papercrafting. you make it a work of art!

    and what an honor to have your page featured on Shelli’s blog! that just had to make you smile really BIG! I know the rest of us were smiling for you!!!!! 🙂 I was tickled pink when I saw it! Congratulations!!!


  13. StampinCathy Says:

    Congrats. All your projects are AWESOME! Very creative and super duper inspiring.

  14. I love your swap card, it’s so adoreable! Your artisan entries are of course top notch!

  15. Leah Moynihan Says:

    MJ–I LOVE your work and took pics of all of it at convention. I clapped extra loud when your name was announced on awards night. Congrats!

  16. dawn Says:

    Love the sail boat card and the blocks, Those blocks had to take a long time :/

  17. Danita Says:

    OMG, everything is so AWESOME!!! What a beautiful portfolio to send to Stampin Up!!! They all gasped when they opened your box!!!! Congratulations on the AWESOME achievement!!!


  18. Vicki Says:

    What gorgeous projects!! Thanks for sharing them all!! 😉

  19. Jill Kirk Says:

    Awesome projects for sure!!! I LOVE the swap card too and am so glad I got one. Everyone I showed LOVED it as well. You’re amazing. I’m so glad I ran into you at convention. That sure was lucky considering there were 6,000 demo’s there.
    I hope you had fun!!! You are so dang cute!

  20. Oh my word, MJ! Just such an amazing display of your incredible talent. As always, I’m in awe! So proud to call you my friend. : ) Congratulations, girlie!!! You deserve this award and so much more!!! {{{{{Mary Jo}}}}}

  21. cassie Says:

    These are awesome! I’m glad you were finally able to share them. I can understand how the blocks would be hard to part with!
    I love the middle scrapbook page – and since I’m not a scrapper AT ALL – I’m always looking for pages to case – and this will be one of them!

  22. Cindy Major Says:


    I saw your projects at Convention and was so impressioned with everything! I’m not surprised that you won – you are so creative and your projects are always perfectly executed! I wish I could have run into you and congratulate you in person, though!
    Congrats on getting published on Shelli’s blog, too!


  23. Cindy L Says:

    Mary Jo, your display at Convention was my favorite, I must confess! I so enjoy your work, and how exciting to be featured on Shelli’s blog…doesn’t get much better than that! Congratulations!!! 🙂

  24. Dawn Says:

    WOW! Congrats, it must have been so hard to part with ALL of the projects, not just the wagon. The “Discover” page was one of my favorites at convention and I took a great picture of it, although it will not be one that could be “cased” as the pictures make it!! Parting with the wagon was worth it CONGRATS and enjoy your Tiffany’s bracelet, my friend is Sarah, the Canadian who won as well, so I saw it up close, it’s beautiful!

  25. It’s a wonder you EVER slept! I am sure SUP! appreciated the time it took to create these works of art! These are keen examples of why you are one of my favorites!

  26. Glad you got to share your entries, MJ — they are fabulous! Congrats again on winning (again)! Where’s Shelli’s new blog?

  27. Renée Says:

    You totally deserve the Artisan Award! Your work is absolutely fabulous as is your creativity. I LOVE the little wagon!!!

  28. Britiney Says:

    Ok, I totally don’t want to offend any of the other artisan award winners who probably read your blog, but you totally *ROCKED* this!! Your entries were amazing and I really thought you won this hands down. Seriously. Amazing. Sorry I didn’t get to meet you at convention.
    ~a fan.

  29. Jennifer Says:

    Thank you for sharing these beautiful projects with those of us who couldn’t go to Convention. These are truly astonishing! I (and many others, I’m sure) appreciate how many details and instructions you are willing to share. This is a greatly deserved honor for you! Congratulations!

  30. Sandy Says:

    I was at Convention at saw your wonderful entries in person … gorgeous. Congrats on being an Artisan Award winner again this year.

  31. Anthonette Says:

    I’m a fan of your work. I’m always saying “Wow” when I look at your Taylored Expressions cupcake challenge work…I think that’s when I started looking at your blog on a regular basis. Congratulations on the Artisan Award! Well deserved.

  32. MJ – Wow your artisan entries blew me away! You are so amazing…no wonder you won! I LOVE your scrapbook pages…what size are they? 12 x 12? I may have to CASE the baby one because it is so adorable! Congrats again on winning and I am excited to here all about the new stampin’ up stuff you will be doing!

  33. Lynn Says:

    WOW! I can see why you won! Each and every project is exquisit! I especially love your scrapbook pages. Congrats on your win! Maybe next year I’ll have the courage to enter.

  34. Tessa Says:

    MJ! CONGRATS on winning the artisan award!!

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