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Pony Party PDF for sale August 24, 2009

Due to MANY requests, my “How’d She Do That PDF: Create Pony Party” is now available for purchase:)

hsdt pony party pdf-12


harrisburg stampin up demonstrator-3

PDF Details:  $15 for 20 pages, 8 templates included, 30 colored pics with a photo gallery of the project, many tips and ideas, very detailed supply/adhesive list, easy to assemble step-by-step directions.  Emailed directly to you once payment received.  Purchaser can call me directly with questions regarding PDF contents and I will talk/walk you through any area you are having concerns about.


3 Responses to “Pony Party PDF for sale”

  1. […] Of course I told Alexis to put it on my desk.  I wanted to take a picture of it.  Well, that didn’t happen.  She took it to her room and she says I can have NO part of it.  WHAT???  If you think the front of this is cool, then you need to check out the real deal!  The inside will blow you away and you will understand why my girl STUTTERED!  Go see for yourself…. Beauty Lies Within. […]

  2. You are the best my friend. Truly, the BEST!

  3. Erin Barker Says:

    This is just awesome!~ TFS!! Can’t wait to show my daugher (age 10) and also a future Stampin’ Up! demo!! LOL

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