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I’m still alive:) August 15, 2012

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Just need to research a bit more before I start stamping again.   I’m so dusty.  All of my goods are dusty.  Mojo is GONE!

Once school starts back up, my plan is to start sharing some stuff here and there 🙂

OMG I can’t find the post button lol.  I need some major help!!!!


15 Responses to “I’m still alive:)”

  1. I look forward to seeing stuff from you again… when you’re ready.

    • Melanie Says:

      I was looking for stamping ideas this evening and stumbled on your site.
      Your ideas and your posts are terrific. The old projects are just as relavent as the new for some of us new viewers.
      So – it has been a year since you have posted – That is okay. LIfe happens.

      Please know that your work is appreciated. But you are not your work. You are a unique person made by God to do what you can when you can. so – Thank you for giving of your time and talent to inspire us unknowns out here.
      God Bless.

  2. Donna Says:

    I was so happy to receive that email. I kept checking your blog just in case you were starting up again. I’m assuming Mojo was a family pet. I’m sorry for your loss. We lost our Buddy in April. Welcome back! Look forward to seeing your projects to give me some inspiration to start stamping and having fun in my craft room.

  3. Welcome back! That reminds me. I need to update my blog. LOL. Summer vacation was nice but it’s back to creating and sharing. Can’t wait to see what you have to share. I’m so glad to see your post this morning. Brought a smile to my face.

  4. RebeccaH Says:

    Look forward to whatever you care to share whenever you care to share it! My best wishes to you always.

  5. Dorothy T Says:

    Welcome back. Sure have missed all of your wonderful creations.

    • mjalbright Says:

      Can’t guarantee anything “wonderful” will be created….I’m going to take the SIMPLE route this time around;)
      Not saying simple isn’t wonderful. Just going to try and make quick creations.

  6. So excited to see your post, girlie!! Hugs from Texas 🙂

  7. Donna Gardner Says:

    I think I meant to post my comment here. Wow, Mary-Jo, I have been reading all the wonderful emails you have gotten since you put out your two emails. Oh my gosh, it must have made you feel so missed and welcomed back after reading all the wonderful things everyone has to say about you. I certainly enjoyed your work and often wondered how you created so many things. Take your time coming back and just enjoy! I will be excited to see what you have created. You mentioned doing some name tags for the baby unit where you work. I would love to see those. Take care – a friend from Braeside, Ontario. P.S. Now I know what “Mojo” means. Thanks for the refresher.

  8. Jill K Says:

    I hope you are back! I miss you so so so much!!!

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