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Awards & Publications December 18, 2007

Stampin’ Up! Artisan Award Winner 2007, 2008, and 2009

Stampin’ Up! on stage Magazine:

    October 2007 (volume 8, issue 4) — not released yet but winner of December Wow! Art File.  Will publish in March 2008.

     July 2007 (volume 8, issue 3) — featured cover sample and my creation on pg. 8.  Online extra included on site of garland.

     April 2007 (volume 8, issue 2) — Artisan Award Entry Zany scrapbook page on pg. 15.  Online extra included on site of all submitted entries.

     January 2007 (volume 7, issue 4) — January Wow! Art File winner for Bailey Scrapbook pages on pg. 7.

     January 2007 (volume 7, issue 4) — Honorable Mention for Love Notes Book on pg. 14.

     October 2006 ( volume 7, issue 3) — November Wow! Art File winner for Holiday Thyme Ornaments on pgs. 6-7.  Online extra included on site with directions.

     July 2006 (volume 7, issue 2) — July Fall Fun winner for scrapbook page featuring my daughter on pg. 6.

     October 2005 (volume 6, issue 4) — Tag Holder Accordian Card featured on pg. 15.


9 Responses to “Awards & Publications”

  1. Keri Reynolds Says:

    WOW! You are one talented girl!
    I recognized your name from SU! publications….you do FABULOUS work!
    Congrats on another WOW! Art file…..cannot wait to see your creations!

  2. Congratulations Mary Jo for all your hard work. You are so sweet and your cards & projects are just beautiful.

    Have a safe and Happy New Year, .

    Jennifer 🙂

  3. Silke Ledlow Says:

    Wow – how super cool is that!!!! CONGRATS on all your achivements…!!!
    I do like all your creations…they are fun, bright and just amazing!!! Can’t wait for the next one….

    Happy New Year!!! May this year be just as exciting for you…


  4. Judy Saunders Says:

    I love your work. Is there a place to see the cards etc. that received awards? Congradulations!

  5. Nicole RN Says:

    You do such a great job. I love the website!!!

  6. I just saw in the Stampin’ Success where you won the Artisan Award again this year. Congrats on that and your other many accomplishments! I know that whenever I see a card that you have created, it is awesome! I absolutely love your work! Thanks for sharing it all with us!

  7. Yolanda Simmons Says:

    Wow! 400,000 visits – that’s because your site is that good, we just keep coming back for more. Congrats!!!

  8. Vida Luth Says:

    Just saw your Many More Gift Box on the web site. It is absolutely fabulous. You are so very creative. You are AMAZING!!!! Congratulations on your Artisan Award and 400,000 hits.

  9. Ujovbnvr Says:

    b4SVBa comment1 ,

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