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my “DREAM BIG” history August 2, 2007

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As many of you know, the convention theme was “Dream Big”.  I don’t like to toot my own horn, and I don’t like to throw around winning the Artisan Award.  But, I thought I would share with you some pics so you too can dream big and be inspired.  

My new years resolution for 2005 was to pick a goal/dream each year to better myself and the lives of others:

  • 2006 was a triathlon for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society. 
  • 2007 was to submit entries for the Artisan Award & to place cards in the Ronald McDonald baskets at SU! events I attend.

I get a $500 shopping spree from the SU! catalog (that I haven’t even submitted yet…I know, that takes some self-control).  I WILL USE $200 OF THAT AMOUNT AND DONATE TATTOO KITS FOR SICK CHILDREN ADMITTED TO HOSPITALS

 Art therapy for sick kids & their siblings is so important.  I lost my 11-year-old brother to cancer when I was 10 years old.  Back then, I wasn’t allowed to visit the hospital due to their policies.  He was admitted for weeks to months over a 5 year period.  I SPENT A LOT OF TIME DRAWING.  IT WAS MY OWN THERAPY.  IT MADE ME HAPPY.  

A successful peer demo at convention stated to me, “don’t be selfish with your work… need to show people”.  This was stated to me not in a negative way.  It was stated because I’m currently a hobby demo who needs to have workshops to educate people (sales too).    I hope the kids who get to utilize the tattoo kits will be inspired to create…….and well enough in the future to enjoy the wonderful world of stampin’ .

                 mj albright artisan display    artisan award menu and bracelet 

 shelli and i at artisan dinner    bracelet upclose

Keep Creating!!!


tagged with a nomination

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I have been nominated by Teresa @ inkfully yours and by Jennifer @ Jen’s Stampin as a “Rockin’ Girl Blogger”.

I am so behind getting to this tag, and I know all the sites I frequent have been tagged as well, so I probably shouldn’t tag.  But I will list blogs that I recommend checking out. 


The two I mentioned above

Beate Johns @ fresh & fun

Angie Tieman @ schwooo

Vera Matson @ Southern Style Stamping

Susie @ Berkerblog



i’m back August 1, 2007

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Sorry for the lack of activity to my site.  I just arrived home from Convention. 

I plan on spending the day with my kids just having some fun. 

I will start posting again on friday.


addresses needed July 15, 2007

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NEEDED:  wowzer! winners to private email me (click on “email me”  box to right) your addresses:)


Wowzer 2,500 hits winner July 13, 2007

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And the winner of my “Sweet Baby Gate Fold Card” featuring Zoofari stamp set is……….


THAT’S RIGHT!!!  ALL 15 PEOPLE WHO COMMENTED ARE WINNERS!  LOOK AT IT AS YOUR LUCKY FRIDAY THE 13TH.   I will be making this card and sending it out to all 15 peeps who commented!

I work weekend night shifts, so I will get busy on these some time next week! 

Thanks for helping my site grow!!

Have a wonderful weekend 🙂


thanks!!! July 10, 2007

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First, thanks soooo much for all the comments regarding my work.  I appreciate the replies.  It’s like free therapy … instantly uplifts and makes me happy to read responses.  I never thought I’d hear what I’m hearing about my work.  Bare with me here – my husband has been the person who gives my creations a thumbs up or down.  He has always been supportive and stays neutral with his constructive criticism.

I didn’t post today because I had to take a break to think of a swap card idea for convention.   I have been told to “keep it simple” when it comes to swaps.  I tend to go crazy with the details:) 

I already have approx 45 Ahoy, Matey Pop-Up cards (I couldn’t make any more of those) that you can view on my scs gallery.   I read posts about demos taking somewhere around 600 cards…!  I can’t do those kind of numbers.  Maybe 200.

I will post what I come up with in the very near future. 

Again, thanks for all the kind words!  So cool.  I’m glowing.


a small retreat June 27, 2007

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After becoming a demo 2 years ago, this craft area was created.  At the time, it was perfect — right off my kitchen so I could have my stuff handy and still be near the area where the family lingers constantly.    We transformed our butler’s pantry to a small retreat.

 craft storage area                              

I now consider it the storage area for all my goods.  I migrate away from this area to my kitchen to create.  So, with my projects always placed around the kitchen (and many warnings to my kids NOT TO TOUCH ANYTHING), I am happy to say that I have a bigger & better craft area under construction. 

craft storage area 2

I will be upset to be moving from a central location in my home, but I soooo need much more room.  I had to prove to my husband that this was more than a hobby.  It is a love of mine!   Enjoy the pics.


special delivery from home office June 25, 2007

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One month to go till I attend my first SU! convention.  It is going to be a really special trip for me because of being one of the Artisan Award winners.  As some of you may know, one of the perks to winning is a dinner with Shelli. 

su invite

I received my invite today.  This is a hand-stamped invite where they used Baroque Motifs.  I keep putting off getting this set, but I think I’m convinced that it is a “must have”.


Hello world! June 1, 2007

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Welcome to my blog. This is my first post ever!!  Bare with me as I try to navigate my way around the site 🙂