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hello there…..It’s been a long time. September 10, 2011

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I thought I would provide an update regarding what I’ve been up to.

NICU is going great!  Very happy with my decision.  Extremely stressful at first, but every day it gets easier (not sure if “easier” is a good term to use).  I felt like a brand-spankin’ new nurse for the first three months.  What’s important is that I LIKE going to work & LOVE what I do.

Due to the weather here in Harrisburg (tons of rain from Lee and severe flooding), I decided to venture into my stamping studio to do some dusting.  No stamping.  How could I neglect such a happy area?  Well, that led me to browse blogs & stamping company sites all week.  I must say, it feels good to be able to “shop” where I want.  Don’t get me wrong, I love Stampin’ Up!, but I’m able to exhale and browse wherever my happy heart desires, and love other companies as well.

With my browsing, I’m starting to get that “stamping itch”.  I will be venturing back to my happy stamping space soon.  I’ve purchased some cute things from a couple different companies.  I’ve also concluded that I HAVE TO GET ME SOME COPICS (ok! ok!  all of them)!  

I’m researching all the stamp companies out there and their products.  I’m happy to see how much many companies have grown.  I think I’ve only touched the surface….every time I blog hop, I find MORE cute images.

Hopefully I’ll be back soon with some creations to share:)

Take care.