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a wedding card & gift December 18, 2009

A coworker of mine is getting married soon.  I was asked if I could create a card that all of us at work could sign.  I gladly accepted and created this card and gift for her.

Here is the inside of the card


Now, onto the gift.  Every bride needs some thank you cards.  I created a box with eight thank you cards & envelopes, and a small cello bag filled with butterfly card confetti to coordinate.

Below is a picture of the thank you cards that are in the box

This is a simple card with a lot of texture and dimension to it.  Once I had all of the pieces cut and embossed, I whipped eight of these together in no time.

Here is an upclose pic of the tag

Below is a pic of the butterfly card confetti.  You know, at times, you’ll get a card with the shiny confetti in it.  After I cut out the 8 larger butterflies for the thank you cards, I noticed how many little butterflies there were on my table.  Why waste or throw away?  I put them in a cello bag, designed to coordinate with the rest of the theme, and placed them within the gift box.

I’m off to work now.  I will edit this post tomorrow and add supplies used.

Thanks for stopping by.  Have a fabulous weekend!