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thanks!!! July 10, 2007

Filed under: Uncategorized — mjalbright @ 10:35 pm

First, thanks soooo much for all the comments regarding my work.  I appreciate the replies.  It’s like free therapy … instantly uplifts and makes me happy to read responses.  I never thought I’d hear what I’m hearing about my work.  Bare with me here – my husband has been the person who gives my creations a thumbs up or down.  He has always been supportive and stays neutral with his constructive criticism.

I didn’t post today because I had to take a break to think of a swap card idea for convention.   I have been told to “keep it simple” when it comes to swaps.  I tend to go crazy with the details:) 

I already have approx 45 Ahoy, Matey Pop-Up cards (I couldn’t make any more of those) that you can view on my scs gallery.   I read posts about demos taking somewhere around 600 cards…!  I can’t do those kind of numbers.  Maybe 200.

I will post what I come up with in the very near future. 

Again, thanks for all the kind words!  So cool.  I’m glowing.


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